Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Royal Baby Bump

We had a Royal Baby Shower for my good friend Emily and her Royal Baby Bump in early September.

My friends and I decided to go with a Royal/Princess theme since like most of us, Emily loves the royal family. She made a comment to me when Prince George was born she is going to put out in her front yard an easel (like the royals did) instead of a stork! :) So that sealed the deal on the theme and ideas to spoil the future little princess just kept on coming.

Of course at the door we had the easel! And blew up the invitation and set it inside the frame. Also at the entrance we did a chalkboard letting people know if they use their Instagram # with #Royalljm so Emily could see all the pics from the shower.

The tables had either the crown jewels (a lace crown set on top of a satin pillow) surrounded by baby breath and candles.  The other tables had a cute little dress (fit for a princess) surrounded by the baby breath and candles too.

I made Princess Martinez a special mobile. I did the lace crown and glued it around a hoop. I spray painted the letters of her name and added pearls to them. I did her name on two sides and ribbon flowers on the other sides.  Hanging from the mobile are string of pearls with ribbon flowers. This was my first time making a mobile and I can't wait to see it in the baby's room.

 I made the baby's initials out of my favorite material coffee filters! Then I sprayed them and added the ribbon flowers to 2 of them.

 I also placed baby bottles with crowns set on top of them, and placed a little rubber ducky inside (which of course matched the theme colors)

 While doing gifts we read "Advice from Fathers"(who were Emily's Dad, Steve's Dad, and the Fathers' from the Hosts) I have to say some where pretty funny!

Miss Abby was the biggest helper on the day of the shower. We couldn't of got it ready in time without her :)

These where all my partners in crime. Ladies I think we did great!

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