Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Royal Baby Bump

We had a Royal Baby Shower for my good friend Emily and her Royal Baby Bump in early September.

My friends and I decided to go with a Royal/Princess theme since like most of us, Emily loves the royal family. She made a comment to me when Prince George was born she is going to put out in her front yard an easel (like the royals did) instead of a stork! :) So that sealed the deal on the theme and ideas to spoil the future little princess just kept on coming.

Of course at the door we had the easel! And blew up the invitation and set it inside the frame. Also at the entrance we did a chalkboard letting people know if they use their Instagram # with #Royalljm so Emily could see all the pics from the shower.

The tables had either the crown jewels (a lace crown set on top of a satin pillow) surrounded by baby breath and candles.  The other tables had a cute little dress (fit for a princess) surrounded by the baby breath and candles too.

I made Princess Martinez a special mobile. I did the lace crown and glued it around a hoop. I spray painted the letters of her name and added pearls to them. I did her name on two sides and ribbon flowers on the other sides.  Hanging from the mobile are string of pearls with ribbon flowers. This was my first time making a mobile and I can't wait to see it in the baby's room.

 I made the baby's initials out of my favorite material coffee filters! Then I sprayed them and added the ribbon flowers to 2 of them.

 I also placed baby bottles with crowns set on top of them, and placed a little rubber ducky inside (which of course matched the theme colors)

 While doing gifts we read "Advice from Fathers"(who were Emily's Dad, Steve's Dad, and the Fathers' from the Hosts) I have to say some where pretty funny!

Miss Abby was the biggest helper on the day of the shower. We couldn't of got it ready in time without her :)

These where all my partners in crime. Ladies I think we did great!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Cute Little Curly Cue Turned 2!

It has been some CRAZY weeks around here! I had my niece's 2nd birthday party, one of my great friend's baby shower, and then VACATION!

My cute curly cue niece Londyn turned 2 early September and she loves Minnie Mouse.  So of course that had to be her theme :)  So with some planning help from her Mama we came up with some cute ideas for table decorations, outside decorations, and of course to have some cute Minnie Mouse ears.

I started out thinking there had to be LOTS of polka dots :)
Polka Dot Wrapping paper over red table cloth, Minnie Mouse made out coffee filters with tulle bow
Minnie Cakes! Sitting on top of wrapped boxes

It is not the clearest pic sorry. Minnie Mouse out of styrofoam sitting on top of tulle bow.

Sign on the Vase with the ears:
Kids Put ON Your Ears and Celebrate With Cheers! Londyn Turned 2
Made the ears out of coffee filters and glued them on headbands that I wrapped in polka dot ribbon

Look how CUTE these Girls are!!!
From Left to Right is Elle, Paige, and Londyn the birthday girl!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!!! 
We will be spending it with Family and Friends. We are going to a Baby Shower and a Gender Reveal Party. Plus as always, taking our daily trip to the park, which is about a 10 second walk from our house. And did I mention she likes to arrive in style :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Babies Are So Tweet!

Had an amazing weekend spending time with family and friends. I helped decorate for my sister-n-laws, Tina & Maria's joint baby shower, with an Owl & Bird theme. They are due about 10 days apart! Tina is having a boy! He will be the prince of the family, especially since all the rest of his cousins on the Newport/Passanisse side are girls :) And Maria is have a girl! This little princess will be the 4th girl in the last 2 years.  I can't wait to meet both of them! Elle is very excited to have more cousins to play with.
Tina & Maria

(The shower was held in Tina's aunt's basement, and I took these pics pre-party.)
  Not till later did I realize I didn't take any pictures during the party since I was running around chasing Miss Elle. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hello Blog World!

Hi all! I can't believe I am doing a blog especially since I am NOT the best writer, but here we go!
I thought I would jump on the blog bandwagon to show parties I decorate and things I make, along with a little bit of family stuff such as CUTE pics of my 1 year old!!, ELLE and her partner in crime Nina (Our English Golden Doodle). So here we go, and please go easy on my grammar, and the hundreds of times I will change my background and color scheme since I am still playing around and figuring it all out.  :)